Advantages Of Owning A Gazebo


A gazebo is a great addition to any home. It can provide shade on a hot day or a place to party. Homes with small gardens or backyards can also enjoy gazebos as they come in many designs and sizes. Most people prefer to put up a year-round gazebo so that they can enjoy its benefits more often. Here are some good reasons why putting up a gazebo all year round is advantageous.

Additional Space

Having additional space is particularly advantageous especially when you have company. Entertaining indoors can be quite stifling especially if you have a small home and lots of guests. If you have a gazebo you can have additional space so that your house won’t feel too crowded. Since gazebos have roofs they will have some shelter from the heat or cold.

New View

If you’re tired of the view or lack thereof from your dining room, have dinner outside on your gazebo. This is particularly enjoyable during cool nights. If your gazebo does not have built-in benches, simply drag some folding or lightweight chairs and a table and you’re all set for an outdoor dinner. If you want a bit of romance, light some candles and arrange some flowers as center piece to set the mood.

Play Place

Decorate your gazebo during the day and make it the perfect play place for your kids. Better yet get their help decorating for the perfect bonding experience. Let your imagination run wild. Your kids will enjoy this no matter what the weather is. It can be a tea room during rainy days, refuge from the sun on sand pit days or a place to drink hot coco during cold weather.

Outdoor Office

Being outdoors can help stimulate the brain particularly if you’re tired of being stuck indoors. Telecommuters and online workers sometimes feel stifled and bored when confined to their home office all the time. Having a gazebo to work in can inspire home workers and even improve their production.

Gazebos can be your refuge during different types of weather. Even though most gazebos are open sided or don’t have full walls, it is still better than nothing when you’re caught outside during a sudden thunderstorm or when in need of shade during a hot day. So long as your gazebo has a roof, it should be able to offer you some degree of protection from the elements.

They come in many shapes, sizes and designs. They can give your garden or backyard a bit of sophistication and pizzazz. It can be used during parties, barbecues and other occasions. A gazebo can be the center of your backyard or during celebrations.

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Advantages Of Owning A Gazebo

A Gazebo Kit For Year Round Fun


Some time ago, gazebos were only present in homes with big space because most of the designs were incorporated for homes with lots of land. During this time, gazebos were only for the rich and landed. Today, things have changed and even homes with small gardens and backyards can enjoy the beauty and convenience of having a gazebo. Thanks to great designers and enthusiastic DIYers it is now possible to construct a year-round gazebo in your backyard using your two hands. Here are some things to consider for this project.

There are different gazebo kits made specifically for different materials. Gazebos used to be made of wood but technology has provided us with different kinds of materials such as aluminum and vinyl. There are pros and cons to using different materials. Wood for example is perfect if you want that traditional look. Gazebo kits for wood will sometimes include the type of wood to be used. Cedar and beech are some of the most common. These woods are affordable and lightweight so the average person won’t encounter too many problems during construction. These woods are treated so they will last a long time.

However the traditional gazebo won’t be appealing for those people who want something modern or unique looking. Thankfully there are modern alternatives like aluminum. These kits feature frames made from aluminum. It is lightweight but won’t rust so it will last a long time. In some cases, the roofing will be in plastic, canvass or other material like acrylic sheets. This is another advantage because these materials are also lightweight and durable.

The downside to buying this kind of gazebo kit is the cost. Aluminum kits can be very expensive and if you choose expensive sidings and roofing the cost could run to the thousands. The cost can be a deterrent to people who are looking for something modern but affordable.

Vinyl is a mix of the new and the traditional. These kits are made from synthetic material and are very affordable compared to wood and aluminum. They are also easy to construct and maintain. However many owners feel that vinyl gives gazebos and artificial look. Many comment that it looks “plastic” and were unpopular choices when it came to kits. The good news is that manufactures today have perfected a technique that makes vinyl look like wood at a lower price.

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Size also matters when you’re thinking about making a gazebo. If you have a small backyard or garden, stick to the small sized gazebos. This will leave you room for plants, a pathway and other aesthetics. If you have a big place, you can make your gazebos big enough for outdoor parties or barbecues or build a small one you can enjoy personally.

Gazebo kits give DIYers a chance to make their dream gazebos. It can give them the satisfaction of making something with their hands. They are also a cheaper and more affordable alternative to having one custom made or designed for you. Gazebo kit plans are easy to follow and in some cases include all the necessary materials to make building it easier.

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A Gazebo Kit For Year Round Fun

Choosing A Year Round Gazebo


Gazebos provide shade when it’s too hot or too wet. They are good places to relax in or to have picnics and play dates. They can also enhance the view of your garden. These are just some of the reasons to buy a gazebo. A year round gazebo is permanent and stays only in one place. There are many choices when it comes to this kind of gazebo so choosing one can be intimidating. So follow these tips to make choosing your gazebo easier.


Your garden or backyard size directly affects the size of your gazebo. It follows that small areas should have smaller gazebos and big spaces can have small or big gazebos. However the size of your gazebo should be big enough for you to rest in. it should at least be able to accommodate a couple of chairs. Fortunately there are many styles to choose from with some models having built-in benches already.


Style also matters when it comes to gazebos. Remember they should enhance your garden or provide a focal point. There are many different styles to choose from and some companies even have internet downloads for a fee. You can choose not only different styles but also different materials. There are even screened gazebos that can keep insects off you while you’re relaxing.


There are many different types of gazebo building materials. The most common are cedar, beech, pine or redwood for those who like wooden gazebos. There are also all year gazebos that have metal poles and canvass roofs and one with metal frames, plastic sides and roofing. All of this depends on your personal taste. Those who want something traditional looking can stick to wooden gazebos.


Most gazebos come in either round or octagonal shapes. However thanks to design and ingenuity gazebos now come in many shapes. There are squares, triangles and other polygons. Having a different shaped gazebo can add some character and uniqueness to your garden or backyard.


There are many gazebo kits in the market today. There are even builders that specialize in designing and making gazebos. You can DIY your gazebo using a kit which is always cheaper or hire one of the pros to make the best gazebo you can afford. Knowing how much you can afford can help you plan what kind of gazebo you can have in your backyard or garden.

Gazebos are very versatile they can be your outdoor office, play area or picnic place. It is a great place to have an outdoor party or barbecue in. Aside from this it also has the practical use of providing shelter against the elements or giving you a place to put up your feet.

Choosing A Year Round Gazebo